Tellington-TTouch Training

Tellington-TTouch Training was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones in the 1980′s and is a methodology that utilizes the principle of awareness through non-habitual movement, together with recognizing the link between emotional and physical balance and the effect it can have on behaviour in all species.


TTEAM is a holistic training approach that is as useful in progressive training as it is in rehabilitation and rescue.  It is like a language that both the animal and human can understand, where both can keep their own integrity – so the human stays a human and the horse a horse but in the best possible sense.  The application is so wide and varied that it provides the tools and understanding to enable us to be effective and kind at all times whether we are training, handling, caring or nursing our horses (and actually any animal species).
I provide one to one sessions with you and your horse or for a group of friends and can give talks and workshops for riding clubs, pony clubs and private groups.  Please contact me if you would like more information.


Here are some links that will help you gain a better understanding of the origins of the Tellington-Touch and also how you can train here in the UK.  -  How to train in the Tellington-Touch in the UK - Home of the UK TTouch Training Centre - Website for Robyn Hood Senior Instructor (sister of Linda Tellington-Jones)  - Website for Linda Tellington-Jones, originator of the Tellington-Touch

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