Clean Language

Clean Language is a set of questions that were constructed by David Grove in the 1980′s, who established through his psychotherapeutic work that by stripping as many leading assumptions and interpretations as possible within the construction of a question, and give a person the time they need, it is possible for individuals to resolve many of their own problems without the input from others. By combining the Clean Language questions and paying attention to the metaphors the client is using, a new perspective on a current situation can be gained creating the space for change to happen naturally.


After being introduced to the methodology as a way of helping me learn to listen to and understand myself and improve my communication skills, I decided to train as a facilitator in order to be able offer that service to clients who are struggling with the complexities of staying balanced whilst juggling all the balls in their life.

I  now run my own personal development programmes as well as assisting Step by Step Listening on their larger retreats.  Step by Step Listening is a company who are based in Gosport and run clean language based personal development programmes to aid communication within business, families and schools.

Here are some links that will help you to find out more about Clean Language, where to train and how you can develop your own communication skills.


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