My Wikaniko website is accessible through this link:

The Eco Warehouse is full of eco-friendly products that are not tested on animals, have good green credentials and are replacements for all your chemical based products that you use in every day life from bathroom to kitchen, to laundry to you and your family’s own personal care.

If you would like to make a switch to using more of these eco and animal friendly products, then please do go and have a browse – just knowing which brands to look out for and purchase can start to make a real difference to your health and environment, let alone what it can do for the planet! There is free shipping for orders over £19.99 and fabulous opportunities if you wish to grow your own eco-friendly business through retailing, team building, wholesale, business to business and a cleaning franchise.  There is a minimum joining fee of £12.95 to accommodate set-up fees and a small £3.50 per month for your own website and access to a comprehensive back-office and training materials.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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