I run several personal development programmes and  use clean language within whatever service I am providing, depending on it’s purpose and intention.  Sometimes there will be just one question, or if we need to go a little deeper, then I will use several in a row.  Alternatively, there are group and one to one sessions available which are wholly facilitated in Clean Language.

In a Clean Language based session you will be able to think solely about what you would like to have happen without any injection of opinions or thoughts from me.  You will have your own words accurately repeated back and your attention focused on the aspects you wish to work with.  As a client, you get to control the content, speed and frequency, enabling you to gain or often regain a sense of control.

In the case of group work, each individual will get an opportunity to be facilitated individually whilst holding back their own assumptions, judgements and opinions.  One to one sessions can be booked in 30 minutes time slots and held on the telephone or skype.  All sessions that exceed 90 minutes can be booked face to face, so you can choose according to your need.

Specifically I run listening workshops with different themes, one to one facilitated sessions with you and your horse and group sessions for participants on Equine Facilitated Learning training courses.


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