My focus is to help you strengthen your confidence within yourself and between you and your horse.   I have a belief that the more we are able to separate out our own needs from those of our horses the more able we are to make good decisions that are good and feel good for both.

It is not always possible to keep our horses in an environment we would consider ideal, or ride or handle them as much or in a way as we think we should or ought.. however, once we have absolute confidence in ourselves that we are doing the best we can, are committed to learning about our horses needs and are truly making decisions with the best of intentions, then it becomes much easier to let go of the anxiety and worry over whether we are doing the ‘right thing’ or what people say.  Learning to read what our horse is displaying in terms of posture and balance is a powerful indicator of what is truly going on for him.  It is very easy to put habitual behaviours and personality traits in and around the field and stable into a category and accept them as ‘normal’, at the same time as spending lots of time, effort and money on having lessons, buying supplements and calmers or trying to correct specific problems.  Though of course the issues may not be related, there is also a possibility they are.. and that by gaining a different perspective through doing some specific mindful work focused on improving posture and balance we can gain much greater awareness and understanding of what is actually happening and what needs to happen for the situation to improve.

As a Tellington TTouch Training practitioner and with a background in training and competing at Riding Club and Affiliated level, I will work with your vet, physio, chiropractor and other professionals to help you devise your rehabilitation programme.   A session for you and your horse will be tailored according to the combination of both your needs.  We will look at the history, the current situation and also what time, energy and effort you are able to commit to. Sometimes just changing one small thing can make a big difference, so my intention is to understand what is important to you and what is the most problematic for you both.  Sometimes, it is not the thing we think it is that needs to change.   I will then help you learn the relevant TTouches and exercises that resonate with you and that will help your horse also.  As part of the programme, I offer ongoing telephone and email support to help you in between sessions and have separate coaching programmes available if you wish to really get to grips with your progress.

If you are interested in holding a Tellington TTouch Training talk or workshop for your own specific group, please do get in touch.



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