Connection Sessions


Many horse people already know the magic that happens when sharing space with a horse. The sense of connection that can be felt, the trust that can exist and the pure love that can be felt when horses, who as a species are so incredibly generous give themselves to you in a moment when they could have walked away,   When they go beyond what is their natural instinct to flee, fight or be with their herd members and stay with you bringing their whole being into that moment and it coming alive with their breath, their smell and their furry bodies.  These are the moments that are to be treasured and deeply respected for what they are, where the horse has chosen for that moment in time to be with you.  In this space so much learning can take place for both horse and human so it is vital that it is safe in order for both parties to benefit and grow in confidence from the experience.

The premise of equine assisted facilitation is based on these moments where a horse and human share this space. Physical contact is not necessary, just the permission from the horse and the openness from the person to listen to their own thoughts and feelings.  Horses respond to energy and given the space and conditions to be as free and true to themselves as possible, they can bring us real live feedback  as we think, feel and speak our truths,  As an equine assisted facilitator, my task is to help you discover what it is you want to know, achieve or learn.  By pausing time and being coached in the presence of your horse you will get an opportunity to hear and deal with your own thoughts and feelings at the same time as observing what happens with your horse whilst doing so.  You will get new insight into your own world and also your horse’s.

The horse’s welfare and experience of these sessions is as important to me as your own, so I will incorporate ways to help support your horse during and after the session using Tellington TTouch approaches.

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