My services are based on the principle of listening to you whilst you download your thoughts, assisting you with what actually needs to be done and helping you build a new framework for yourself so you can function without me once we are finished.

It is likely you have a situation that is noisy or problematic for you, you want it to be different and you want some support whilst you are going through this change.

I specifically provide support in the areas of:

  • Equine Training and Rehabilitation
  • Personal Development for yourself and/or in relationship with your horse

They are clearly very different in terms of the actual ‘doing’ however, I approach them both in the same way.  I have learned to trust my intuitive self, listening, speaking and asking questions to gain understanding at the same time as offering suggestions and solutions based on my experience and knowledge as appropriate.

If your horse is recovering from injury or illness, is under veterinary supervision or and/or on a rehabilitation programme and you need to strengthen and straighten his/her way of going then give me a call.

If you are struggling to feel ‘good enough’, if you are overwhelmed with thoughts and find yourself getting ‘pulled off track’ by listening to others and overriding your own knowing, or if you want to develop a deeper relationship with your horse or other people in your lives then perhaps either a clean language session or an equine facilitated session will help you.

I also facilitate workshops and one to one sessions which are specifically aimed at developing your ‘listening to yourself’ skills.  Under the TOOLS section there is a description of the methodologies I use to help facilitate this learning.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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