SELF LEADERSHIP PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING  – Developing resources and direction for your own life  - via Skype/Telephone

SINGLE SESSIONS -  £95 per session (1 ½ hr)

EMERGENCY FIX PROGRAMME – £125 ( 2 weeks – affordable support)                                            You are likely to feel overstretched and you want a quick fix to help you stabilise.  ‘Treading water’ would feel better, though ‘swimming a few strokes’ in any direction would feel amazing.  1 Session plus 1 ½ hr of support either by email, text or coaching

MAKE A PLAN - £380  (4 months – Commitment, planning, working with a desired outcome)    You might feel that you have been treading water for a while and keep changing the direction you are swimming in so you have a desire to commit to one that works.  You have the awareness that it and priorities may change through the process, wanted and unwanted shifts may happen but all will be in relation to the journey on the way to your outcome.                         4 x sessions, plus 2 hrs support either by email, text or coaching

STRETCH YOURSELF – £995 - 8 months coaching                                                                                Your current situation requires you to either dig extra deep to create significant change or you wish to take an extra-large step forward in a chosen direction.  The stretch will likely be felt on many levels and will probably feel uncomfortable.  The focus of the sessions will be to build the feelings of resource within the stretch which will help clear your mind chatter, enabling more peaceful, confident thoughts and decisions which will improve the now and the future.               8 x sessions, plus 8 hours support

EQUINE – Helping you and your horse become more balanced together – combination of physical attendance and Skype/Telephone

TELLINGTON TTOUCH TRAINING Consultation – £50  per session                                                    This session will teach you some skills to help your horse by bringing you awareness of how to discover where tension could be being held in his/her body and how it is affecting their posture, balance and overall sense of wellbeing and interactions.  You will receive some relevant homework that you can continue to build on as you learn more.

CONNECTION SESSION - £95                                                                                                                  This session will help you and your horse hear each other more deeply and accurately.  You will become aware of the factors influencing your relationship and get an insight into what you might be able to do differently to improve it.  This session is very much horse-led, accepting their guidance, wisdom and interactions to bring more peace to your relationship and inform you both on what is required next.

LEADING IN BALANCE CUSTOM PROGRAMME  – (Mix of TTouch/EAC and Personal Development)  Cost to be determined according to scope and can incorporate a mix of the Self-Leadership coaching programmes, Connection Sessions and Tellington-TTouch sessions according to your outcome, budget and time constraints.

This programme is for people who recognise their responsibility towards ensuring that their horse is comfortable, capable and safe around equipment, husbandry and handling.  We will look at what’s happening for you, what’s happening for your horse and what’s happening between you.  By working with all three elements we can design a programme that will help you both become more relaxed, comfortable and trusting with and independently of each other, heading in a direction that you are both willing, with new skills to support those feelings.

TELLINGTON TTOUCH TRAINING method workshops can be arranged for any group size up to 12 people at your own yard.  Please contact me if you would like some more information.

Travel charges may apply for longer distances

THE ECO WAREHOUSE – WIKANIKO:  (We-Can-Eco)…. Help you make changes one item at a time. Please visit my shop and quote my name/distributor number 100835 when ordering :

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