Ode to Basil

I wrote this a couple of years ago as a tribute to Basil, my true heart horse.  I wanted to capture the importance of the part he had played in my life, how much I had loved him and the impact he’d had on me.  Basil took me to TTouch and through that I have learned so much about how things can be different when I integrate what’s in my heart together what I have been taught.

Basil being beautiful

Basil being beautiful

Ode to Basil, my amazing beautiful horse

You came into my life and opened up my world

You taught me to love and freely give

You taught me to care and freely share

You taught me to know even when I was low


You were my dream horse and came to me

In a moment when my heart was free

I had no idea what I would learn

It seems it was about life and all its twisty turns


It WAS about horses and what to do

but also about myself and how I impacted you

We shared so much, so many hours,

being together could never be sour


You were so beautiful and so very wise,

With your velvety soft nose and your gorgeous kind eyes

Thank you for sharing your life with me,

for being so patient when I made mistakes

And reminding me when I had stepped out of line

and for allowing me to ride and keep trying to refine


And now it is time for me to accept my part

in stepping up and moving on

It’s taken five years and a lot of tears,

but I’m ready now though sad you are gone


I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart

for your ability to forgive and show me the way

I hope you are proud of the choices I’ve made

and know that I think of you every single day


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