Odes and Musings

These pages are a collection of odes and poems that I have written.  I seem to find it easier to express myself in a poetic way when making sense of deep emotions.  The Ode to Basil and Trying to be Me really underpin my purpose behind wanting to share what I  have learned through my own experiences in the hope that even just one horse or one person may benefit from knowing that there are many tools and resources available and in fact experiencing emotional pain is a great opportunity to create positive change for our own future.   Writing both of these odes helped me make sense of what was a hard, painful situation at the time.

I have been so lucky to meet a large number gifted practitioners in the therapeutic and personal development fields, many of whom have worked with me to help me regain balance in my life.  Feelings of despair, disappointment, fear, anxiety and low morale no longer eat away at me because I have cleared out the bottled up emotions I didn’t know I had and have learned to refocus my attention on appreciation, what I’d like and what is working. Instead of floundering around for months when a metaphorical bus hits, I still feel the pain, but know that it will pass so I have confidence to take the ride.  More than that as I now understand my own processes, I can recognise when I’m stuck and am able to ask for help and take the learning from the situation in a way that I never knew was possible before.

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