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Several years ago many things changed in my life all within a short space of time which caused me to reconsider how I wanted to live and what I wanted to be doing.  Having had a horse for many years, I had always had a longing to work outside and be more connected with living on a day to day basis rather than feeling stuck in an office but could not see how I could make it all work. 

After having to have my horse Basil put to sleep I had to re-evaluate my life and what I wanted to be different because I was so desperately unhappy.  He was the framework to my life and without him nothing made sense.  I could not see a future for me in what I was doing at the time and knew that it was the right time to make leap.  In hindsight it was one mighty leap and perhaps if I had known the size of the crevice I was jumping I would not have tried.  It is possibly therefore a good job I didn’t know.   Many rocks have tumbled and it has definitely been a scramble and at times I couldn’t even establish whether that leap was worth it. However, 7+ years on and after much change, learning and self-development I can see that it was all necessary and part of my inner yearning to live my life truly in accordance with my heart.

These experiences together with the combination of my skills old and new are the foundations of what I now offer in terms of services.  Change for me has been scary, exhausting and downright painful for much of it, but I have learned along the way how to engage in the fun aspects of change and how to resource myself so I can handle what comes up instead of feeling like a passenger on the wrong train going in the wrong direction.  I now can feel excited about the future, access tools, resources and connect with amazing, fabulous friends and colleagues who all want the best for me and it is that perspective that I wish to bring to you.  The perspective that even when a situation is bad, feels bad or cannot be changed, that just by changing your focus, putting your attention on what you would like to have happen and what you can do, instead of dwelling on what is happening.. can truly make a difference.   It takes time and desire to want things to be different, but the more the good stuff slots into place, the more incentive there is to keep going and your reality really can change for the better.

My desire is to help you make the changes to help you find your confidence to listen to and support yourself.

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