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Hello and welcome

As a listening coach, my intention is to provide you with the space and time to hear your own thoughts.  The benefit of that is that you can then start to trust yourself, be clear with yourself with what is important and make decisions in alignment with those thoughts, becoming more confident to follow your heart and less worried about how you might be perceived or what people will think or say about you.

You may know how you would like to achieve something in particular, but actually don’t know where to start because you have learned lots of other people’s ways and are now confused over what is your own way.  You may actually just think you can’t do something or have no confidence and think that is just the way you are.   Or, you may be so clear as to what is important to you but not able to put it into practice. Or, you may just not have a clue, but know that what is currently happening is not working.

For me it has been a tough journey to be brave and step away from what I thought people were expecting of me and what I should be, do or have particularly in their presence.  But my inner self was screaming at me.  I had spent so long ignoring it that I just didn’t understand the signals. As a consequence, my behaviour has sometimes appeared odd and ‘out of character’ to others and I have certainly at times questioned the ‘truth’ of what I am hearing deep inside.  However, I have learned to listen to myself and have gained the greatest sense of confidence and peace inside than I have ever felt.  That said, it is not necessarily how I am perceived… but I am really okay with that now.  I no longer worry whether I’m liked or not, whether I’ve done wrong or right or what I’m wearing.   I’ve listened to those inner fears and taken some steps to learn about myself in those areas… And I also trust that because I work with the best of intentions,  listen to myself more, give to myself more and understand myself more, I am able to listen to others more easily and ask better questions to gain understanding so hopefully helped the relationship and made the communication process better for all of us.